1942 - JACKSON FAMILY evacuated as Bethel Temple missionaries from Indonesia arrived in New Zealand - initial meetings conducted in Wellington.

1945 - Return of Bethel Temple missionaries to New Zealand with meetings in Auckland and Wellington.  Churches planted in Auckland, Wellington and Blenheim.

1948-50 - Introduction of LATTER RAIN teachings (ex North Battleford, Canada) into New Zealand by Ray Jackson and Allan Thrift.

1950 - Churches planted in Sydney, Melbourne and Bendigo.

1951 - Short term Bible School begins in Sydney - 21 students attended including the future "greats" of NLCNZ, eg, Rob and Beryl Wheeler, Peter Morrow, David Jackson, Kevin and Joyce Connor, Mike Bensley and others.

1957 - Visit of evangelist TOMMY HICKS for evangelistic campaigns in Wellington, bringing a new emphasis on evangelism.

Tent campaigns by ROB and BERYL WHEELER began in Mt Maunganui and Hicks Bay.

1959 - Easter...First grouping of "independent" churches at Tauranga with National Revival Crusade combining.

Establishment by ALAN THRIFT of a MAORI FULL GOSPEL work on the East Coast.

Establishment by ROB WHEELER of a short term Bible School in Tauranga.  The "Word of Faith" School was for the express purpose of training and releasing ministry.

1960 - Visit of A S WORLEY to TIMARU.  Ron Coady assisted in teaching.  Peter Morrow was the song leader!  Out of these meetings the Timaru New Life Centre began.

Two successive campaigns with 600+ conversions and many healings.

A church planted to become the springboard for the growth of the movement in the South Island.

Subsequent campaigns conducted in Invercargill, Waimate and Geraldine areas.

1960/6 - GRAHAM and PAM TRUSCOT went as missionaries to India.

PAUL and BUNTY COLLINS went as missionaries to Thailand and Hong Kong.

This initiative of Paul Collins was to evangelise by literature the nations of THAILAND.  The original mission office in BANGKOK was called the NEW LIFE CENTRE.

1961 - Tent crusade by ROB and BERYL WHEELER in Christchurch, sponsored by the Apostolic, Assemblies of God and Elim Churches.

Three weeks evangelistic campaign in Gore and Invercargill with RON COADY and PAUL COLLINS.

Easter Convention held in Wellington for the UNITED FULL GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP - ministry by EVERETT JOHNSON (USA) described as a prophet of joy and liberty.

1962 - A S WORLEY (USA) conducted crusades in Timaru and were continued on by New Life Centre and RON COADY.


ALLISTER and LOUISE LOWE began church ministry in TUATAPERE and then OREPUKI.

PAUL COLLINS began crusades in Christchurch which, out of the Christchurch Revival Fellowship, began under the leadership of TERRY COLLINS.

PETER MORROW came to Christchurch at the invitation of TERRY COLLINS.  Peter assumes pastoral responsibility of the church established by Terry Collins who relocated to pioneer the work in Dunedin in 1963.


1963 - TERRY and FRANKIE COLLINS went to Dunedin to Pioneer work there.

Evangelistic campaigns in MOTUEKA, TAKAKA, BLENHEIM and KAIKOURA.

Introduction into New Zealand of the teachings of "The Tabernacle By David" by RON COADY.

KINDAH and JOAN GREENING went to Invercargill to pastor Bethel Chapel.

1964 - Thirteen "indigenous" churches now established in South Island with assemblies on Stewart Island and in the Chathams Islands.

North Island tent campaigns conducted by ROB and BERYL WHEELER with the specific purpose of establishing New Testament pattern churches in Auckland/North Shore/Papatoetoe/Hastings.

TREVOR and ISABEL PATERSON went as missionaries to India.

1965 - SHAUN and ANNE KEARNEY establishes New Life Centre Takapuna.

One of the Christchurch intercessors (Andre Dornan) commented to Peter Morrow that she believed the Lord was going to "give Peter Morrow a move".

ADULLAMS CAVE established in Christchurch becoming the venue for 100's of Christchurch Christians coming into the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit.

NEAL and RUTH PATTERSON sent to the Chatham Islands as missionaries.

1965 - "Operation Gideon" launched at the NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF MINISTERS from the INDIGENOUS FULL GOSPEL churches of NZ.

RON COADY in association with local churches began with "Operation Gideon", the loosely-linked movement of approximately 60 individual local churches began to develop into a group with a National identity.  It therefore represented the first steps towards a corporate unity and identity.

WORD OF FAITH BIBLE SCHOOL relocated to Auckland.

1968 - The New Life Centre Church began in BOMBAY, INDIA.

1970 - Establishment by Peter Morrow and the CHRISTCHURCH REVIVAL FELLOWSHIP OF a NEW LIFE FAMILY BIBLE COLLEGE in Christchurch.

1971 - TERRY and FRANKIE COLLINS went as missionaries to the Philippines.

1974 - JIM and MARION WINNINGTON went as missionaries to the Philippines.


Mike Bensley and Rob Wheeler established the New Life work In TONGA.

1976 - RASIK RANCHORD appointed as National Secretary for INDIGENOUS CHURCHES OF NZ.

1977 - SAVE OUR HOMES CAMPAIGN launched in Christchurch.

1978 - Christchurch Revival Fellowship changes its name to NEW LIFE CENTRE CHRISTCHURCH.

New Life Centre Christchurch sent a church planting team to MALAYSIA.

TREVOR and KAY WEAVERS went to Philippines to initially assist the Winningtons.

During this period of 1965-81, other Bible Colleges were established throughout New Zealand.

1981 - Church growth and church planting continued as the Indigenous Churches used the impetus of the charismatic movement.

Appointment of REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES to represent churches in various regions.

1983 - NEW LIFE CENTRE in VAVAU, TONGA, established by Leo Austin.

"The Gathering" - later called LIFE IN CHRIST FELLOWSHIP - established by Terry and Frankie Collins in Manilla, Philippines.

1984 - Recognition of REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES as leaders.


New Life Centre Christchurch sent a church planting team to OSAKA, JAPAN.

1985 - NEW LIFE CENTRE in FIJI established by Tom and Liz Eyre.

1986 - SOUTH PACIFIC FELLOWSHIP was formed with a number of churches and ministers leaving the New Life stream and establishing this new family of Churches.

CHINESE CHURCH ministry established in CHRISTCHURCH.

1987-88 Indigenous churches included in 1987 DAWN SURVEY of the Church in New Zealand.

Annual Conference adopts a goal of each church to plant a church by 1990.

Change of name at Annual Conference to NEW LIFE CHURCHES OF NEW ZEALAND.

Recognition of apostolic leadership of PETER MORROW and ROB WHEELER.

Recognition of REGIONAL LEADERS.

1989 - SAMOAN NEW LIFE work establishes in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.

BIBLEWAY OUTREACH CENTRE established in HONIARA, SOLOMON ISLANDS, under the leadership of Nemuel and Susan Laufilu.

1990 - JESUS FAMILY church planting ministry established amongst Chinese peoples in Sydney by David and Chih Yunn Boyd and team.

Linkage established with INTERMIN in Australia by Peter Morrow serving on Intermin Steering Committee.

1991 - Linkage with the INDIGENOUS CHURCHES of MALAYSIA (ISM) by Peter Morrow.


During this period, a number of ministers and churches over the years have associated themselves with the Movement and are now in fellowship with the New Life Churches of New Zealand.


In summary these were 17 years of great change for NLCI.

Following the tragic attempt on his life on Sept 17 1987 the co-founder and then Senior Leader of New Life Churches of NZ passed on in 1992 his responsibilities to John Walton.

Bruce McDonald then succeeded John Walton and led the movement for several years.

Carl Jukes was then appointed National Leader a position he held until his relinquishing his position in 2007.

An Interim Leadership Team was formed in Nov 2007.  This was formed to facilitate a new national leadership structure.

The present Apostolic Leadership was formed out of the subsequent  and prayerful deliberations and confirmed at the 2008 National Conference.

The nature of NLCI has seen increasing diversity with the emergence and growth of more internationally and ethnically inclined congregations.

New church plants have occurred in greater  Auckland.

The story continues....

 Note the History of New Life will be re-presented once adequate and informed research occurs.