Regional Leadership

To facilitate relationships and support, NLCI in New Zealand is composed of 6 geographic regions with appointed Regional Leaders.  Additionally there are some specialist leaders.

  • Auckland
Stephen Miller
  • Bay of Plenty/Tauranga/Waikato
Andrew Parrington
  • Central NI/Hawkes Bay/Manawatu/Taranaki/


Ralph Sutherland
  •  Nelson/West Coast/Marlborough
Jono Martin
  •  Canterbury
Wes & Janet Chambers
  •  Southland/Otago
Wayne Ward
  •  National Youth Directors
Kyle & Grace Weedon

Resources and funding are made available to each region to assist with regional activity.  


An Exec member is appointed as Regions Overseer: Currently Andrew Parrington


Appointment of Regional Leaders

1. Regional Leaders are appointed by the A.L.T in conjunction with credentialed pastors of the region
2. Appointments are made/confirmed every three years


Guidelines For Appointment

Regional Leaders must be selected from those ministers in NLCI who:
1. Are serving in a local church that is fully supportive of NLCI (including participation at National Conferences and meeting the financial responsibilities of National Vision Funding and Liability Insurance)
2. Have the endorsement of the eldership/leadership of their local church to release them for the regional role
3. Demonstrate a capacity for leadership beyond their local church
4. Practice and promote the vision and values of NLCI


Responsibilities of Regional Leaders

1. To support, encourage and bring counsel as required to NLCI pastors in the region.
2. Work with the National Leader and Regions Coordinator to gather pastors & leaders within the region for inspiring regional meetings (3 per year including the Regional Tour).
3. To co-opt a team to assist in regional leadership ensuring a gift mix that includes areas such as: pastoral care of pastors, church governance, strategic planning, event management, connection with the next generation. (Team members must also meet the criteria in "Guidelines for Appointment" as above.)
4. Oversight the Pastoral Care Pastor responsible for that region.
5. To work with the Exec to strengthen the pastors and churches in the region; promote national initiatives; identify emerging ministries and young leaders.
6. To work with the Exec at least once a year - and to connect more informally at our annual conference event.
7. In major decisions of doctrine and government, to refer back to the region for adequate discussion and feedback before final decisions are made at Exec meetings or the National Conference
8. To identify and mentor potential regional leaders.
9. Communicate and connect with the Regional NL Youth Leaders in regard to events and dates to ensure no conflict in dates.