Partnership with Alphacrucis

The New Life Churches Executive Team have invested heavily into the development of “Unleashed” ministry development program that captures the ethos, beliefs and practice of New Life movement. Starting in September 2016, we are excited to announce a partnership with Alphacrucis one of New Zealand’s premier colleges enabling us to have its Certificate and Diploma awards embedded within the “Unleashed” ministry development program. This will enable those attending the “Unleashed” program to choose to complete either a Certificate or Diploma, both of which are NZQA recognised.


This initiative will include:

  • New Life Churches will continue to teach and inspire through the current training programme ensuring that key core beliefs and practices are maintained. The existing cost and format for Unleashed will remain. The Certificate and Diploma option will be optional and incur extra costs as detailed below.

  • Alphacrucis lectures will be added to the teaching schedule of the “Unleashed” intensives. This will normally take place all on one day in the middle of the week.

  • For those students opting in to this NZQA qualification opportunity, Alphacrucis will benchmark their existing training and experience through the completion of competency documents. (To be supplied on enrolment)

  • The full Certificate and Diploma award material can be covered over fourteen months as is currently in place. Completing Unleased 1 and 2 in consecutive Novembers and Unleashed 3 in September. Twenty two months if you attend only one per year. You can join at any time as we roll out the programme.

  • Existing Pastors that qualify may attend Alphacrucis teaching sessions and engage in the Certificate or Diploma.

  • Support will be given by Alphacrucis to those enrolled for the completion of all assessments and assignments.

  • Students will have the option of completing at Certificate (NZQA Level 4) or Diploma (NZQA Level 5) level. Access to the Level 5 Award would be for students who have been actively involved in a senior level of ministry for a minimum of 5 years.

  • Cost for NZQA Certificate (Level 4) would be $1200, Diploma (Level 5) is $2200. Students may pay by instalment. (These figures are GST inclusive and current for 2016).

  • Students are not eligible for NZ Government Loans and Allowances under this proposal.


This a very cost effective and timely opportunity to gain a recognised qualification in Christian ministry.  I encourage you to participate in this exciting advancement for New Life Churches.



Pastor Adam White

National Leader



A short message from Alphacrucis:


Dear Pastors and students,


We look forward to joining with the New Life Churches in developing pastors and leaders capable of shaping the future of New Zealand and beyond.


To enquire or enrol for either the Certificate or Diploma option that commences at the September 2016 “Unleashed” intensive please contact the or Paul Gordon at


Jack Zoutenbier

Principal Alphacrucis College

New Zealand