Unleashed Three



Unleashed 3

 4th - 8th September 2017 - Kapiti



Plan your travel to arrive 4-5pm, Mon. We finish with lunch at 12 noon, Fri. If you are flying in you must arrive Wellington airport by 2:30pm Monday and fly out after 3pm Friday. If you are flying into Paraparaumu you must arrive by 3:30pm Monday and fly out after 2pm Friday.



Register online www.newlife.org.nz from 1st May. Deposit of $100 with registration. Pay by credit card, cheque or internet banking. After registration you will receive further information on the course curriculum.

Registrations close on 6th August.


Includes accommodation, bedding and towels, meals, airport shuttle.

$460 per person 


New Life has partnered with Alphacrucis. Unleashed can be a NZQA qualified Certificate or Diploma.
Please see here for more details.



Please obtain a copy and familiarise yourself with these three books:

- Foundations of Christian Doctrine - KJ Conner

- Restoration Theology - KJ Conner

- How To Read the Bible for all its Worth - Gordon Fee

The cheapest source may be Word Bookshop Australia. www.word.co.au 


Bring Bible and Concordance (Electronic is fine)


Likely Subjects

1. Word of God

2. Intro to Hermeneutics.

3. Principles of Interpretation.

4. Methods of Bible research Word, Character and Place, studies.

5. Textual, Passage and Book studies.

6. God’s Presence in new Covenant

7. Theology

8. Calvin vs Arminius

9. Christology

10. Restoration Theology

11. Gods eternal Purpose - the Bride of Christ

12. David’s Tabernacle

13. Patterns of the Old Testament - Church in the wilderness

14. Ethics / The Trinity

15. Overview The Tabernacle of Moses

16. The Tabernacle of Moses Altar

17. The Feasts of the Lord Part A

18. The Feasts of the Lord Part B

19. Gods two weeks

20. Covenants

21. Intimacy is the Key to everything.

22. Fivefold ministry

23. What is the Church/ Church Government.

24. The Church and Kingdom

25. Kingdom of God Now and Future


Please email Jim Shaw jim.shaw@mnl.org.nz for any queries

Mob Ph (021)599-723